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Providing financial assistance for student travel opportunities stands as a cornerstone priority within the School of Pharmacy. This initiative championed by the UTEP School of Pharmacy is a significant component of our Raise Your Pick UTEP Giving Day Campaign. This focal point addresses a critical need within the student community, aiming to alleviate financial barriers associated with the required Doctor of Pharmacy study away and study abroad experiences, which are aligned with UTEP Edge.

The School of Pharmacy seeks to raise funds dedicated to providing students with aid within transformative travel opportunities, which is a vital aspect of their educational journey. Many Doctor of Pharmacy Candidates face financial constraints that limit their ability to participate in the study away and study abroad programs, despite the immense educational and cultural benefits these experiences offer. By channeling resources into this priority area, the School of Pharmacy endeavors to make these opportunities accessible to a broader spectrum of students.

Funds raised will directly contribute to covering travel expenses, including but not limited to, accommodation costs, and other associated fees, ensuring that no student is hindered by financial constraints from engaging in these enriching experiences. The goal is to empower students to broaden their perspectives, gain exposure to diverse healthcare systems, and cultivate a global mindset that is increasingly essential in the field of pharmacy.

Participating in the required study away and study abroad programs not only enhance students’ academic and professional growth but also enriches their cultural competence, fostering a deeper understanding of healthcare on a global scale. The impact of these experiences is far-reaching, creating future pharmacists who are not only well-versed in their field but also culturally aware and adaptable, which is what the UTEP School of Pharmacy emphasizes within the program.

The School of Pharmacy invites donors to raise their pick and contribute to a fund that directly influences the educational trajectory of the Doctor of Pharmacy Candidates within the program. Your support will pave the way for students to embark on transformative journeys, breaking down the financial barriers and enabling them to embrace the full spectrum of educational opportunities that will shape them into well-rounded, globally, and culturally conscious pharmacy professionals.

Thank you in advance for your contributions towards access, excellence, and impact!

The UTEP School of Pharmacy is also asking for support of pharmacist-led research for student and community wellbeing on Raise Your Pick Giving Day:

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